New Partnership Announced

Intervise Consulting, a leading technology consulting firm, has announced a new partnership with Moodle Learning, an open-source learning management system. This collaboration will combine Intervise’s expertise in digital transformation and Moodle Learning’s innovative platform to provide cutting-edge e-learning solutions to clients in various industries.

The partnership aims to enhance the learning experience for both educators and students by leveraging Moodle Learning’s flexible and customizable platform, which allows for personalized learning paths and a variety of interactive activities. Additionally, Intervise Consulting will bring its extensive knowledge of cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics to ensure seamless integration and implementation of Moodle Learning solutions for clients.

“Intervise Consulting is thrilled to partner with Moodle Learning to provide innovative and customized e-learning solutions to our clients,” said Michael Priddy, CEO of Intervise Consulting. “We believe that our combined expertise will create a powerful and effective learning experience for educators and students alike.”

The partnership between Intervise Consulting and Moodle Learning is expected to transform the way organizations approach e-learning, providing scalable, adaptable, and engaging solutions to meet the needs of diverse learners in today’s digital age.